“...I can’t escape the aftertaste
The rumours of the life we made
So much of you still remains…”

It was a long-awaited wait for many, a return that has been met by anticipation and the desire to want more. At last, Wafia’s first single from her forthcoming sophomore EP has been welcomed by fans with a heart-warming embrace.

Buttery synth-pad instruments form in the background, their warm and atmospheric richness laying the foundation for Wafia’s rich yet delicate voice to shine through. The lyrics pave the way for a beautifully touching story that is utterly relatable; memories of counting the days that pass whilst awaiting a lost lover spring to mind.

Wafia’s performance is emotional to the core, and if it wasn’t for the bright tonality of the instrumental (a paradox that reminds you of life’s constant bittersweet), her genuine emotion would send any hopeless romantic into a stream of tears.

The perfect love song meets the perfect break-up song – this is one not to miss!

Image: Future Classic & Wafia

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